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TAVF EVENT: Minnesota

A Day of Giving Back


"Fred Knudsen" Lake Mille Lacs, MN


Take A Vet Fishing | MINNESOTA

"Fred Knudsen" Lake Mille Lacs, MN

August 14 th


Event Schedule




We are holding off on registration for this event - for a few months. We would like to see if we could make this a "FULL SIZE" Take a Vet Fishing event for 2021. This will ALL DEPEND on Covid and the restrictions that will be placed on us.

If we are unable to host a large event, we WILL be hosting a 2 Day event with 20 Veterans (EXACTLY like our previous events this year).

We will make the decision of a "full event" or small event in May of 2021. Check back on the website for updates!


If we ARE able to have a FULL SIZE event - here are the details....

Welcome to the "Fred Knudsen" 2021 Mille Lacs Take a Vet Fishing Event!

********PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION FOR 2021!!!********

This will now be a 2 DAY EVENT!!! IF YOU CHOOSE (NOT mandatory) - You can arrive at McQuoids on Friday, August 13th AFTER 3pm! You will have a (PAID) hotel room FOR TWO NIGHTS!

On Saturday, August 14th, you will enjoy 4 hours of FREE fishing on a McQuoids LAUNCH BOAT ONLY (no individual guide boats - ONLY a LAUNCH BOAT!)

On SUNDAY, August 15th, it will be our REGULAR - Take a Vet Fishing Event - on guide boats!

MINNESOTA FISHING LICENSE is needed for all participants. You must provide your own fishing license.

On Sunday, Boats can launch anywhere on the Lake. If you decide to launch elsewhere, you still need to check-in with the TAVF reps to confirm you are safely on the water and you have your Veteran(s) with you. The McQuoids Inn Launch will be open for our event at no charge.

Boat Captains are responsible for providing your own live bait.

What makes this event unique from the rest of our events is that McQuoids donates a 52-foot launch boat which makes for a very comfortable ride, it even has a bathroom available! Aboard the launch will be complimentary bait and bottled water.

***If you would like to be on this large launch boat for the event on Sunday, please select LAUNCH BOAT as your Guide when you sign yourself up as a participating Veteran. Towards the end of the Veteran Application, it will ask you to chose your desired Guide.

NOTE!!! You DO NOT need to register to fish on the launch boat on Saturday!! You will "automatically" be registered!

Registration/Check-In for SUNDAY starts at 6:00am for both Veterans and Guides at McQuoids Inn

McQuoids Inn

1325 Hwy. 47 N.

Isle, MN.  56342

(320) 676-3535

Fishing Time on Sunday is 7:00 – 11:00am. Please be off the water by 11:30am

Veterans Honor Ceremony will start at 12:00 noon at McQuiods Inn. All families of participating military personnel are welcome to join. Each guest must be registered through the Take a Vet Fishing website at takeavetfishing.org.

Flag Presentation and the National Anthem will begin at 12:30pm honoring all of our active and retired US Military Veterans. 

Lunch will be served starting at 12:45pm.

Veteran Recognition Tribute will immediately follow lunch at 1:30pm. Each Veteran who participates in the event will be recognized with gifts.

 If you or a family member would like to volunteer your time and/or talents to help with this great event, please click on "VOLUNTEER Sign-Up"


The Hotel stay is available for all Veterans who are traveling over 60 miles in order to attend this event. We will be utilizing hotel rooms at BOTH - McQuoids Inn (we will fill these 30 Hotel rooms FIRST - then we will put any overflow) at the Grand Casino. YOU DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO CHOOSE WHICH LOCATION YOU WANT TO STAY AT! You will have the same room for BOTH Friday night & Saturday night (if you are staying two nights). Please keep in mind that you will need to checkout from the hotel prior to fishing on Sunday morning. Our event does not conclude until 3pm, by this time, the hotel would need your items completely out of the rooms.

All hotel rooms must be requested by July 19, 2020. If you do not request a room by this date, Take a Vet Fishing will not be able to pay for your room. We will release our block of rooms back to the hotel by July 19th.

Grand Casino Mille Lacs 

777 Grand Avenue

Onamia, MN 56359



***NOTE: TAVF will pay for your hotel rooms ONLY if you are over 60 miles away from the event.