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Did You Know

One in three returning troops are being diagnosed with serious Post-Traumatic Stress symptoms. Less than 40% will seek help.  

Almost once an hour – every 65 minutes to be precise – a military veteran commits suicide, says a new investigation by the Department of Veterans Affairs. One statistic that veterans’ groups offer: for every veteran killed by enemy combatants, 25 veterans kill themselves. On average, FIVE active-duty troops attempt suicide EACH DAY!

1/3 of our nations homeless are US MILITARY VETERANS. This number is RISING!

What is PTS?

PTS is a severe anxiety disorder that develops following exposure to extreme psychological trauma.

The VA will pay $600 Million for PTS treatment for these veterans in 2013.*

How is PTS Treated?

The most common treatment is counseling and Psychotherapy.

For more info on the treatment of PTS: